Smile Gallery

Uptown Dental Smile Gallery

Dr. Hung Vu, the best dentist in Albert Lea, MN proudly presents his Smile Gallery.

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Great smile… healthy teeth! Our first priority is your overall dental health. You may just need a scheduled cleaning and an exam – or you might need an implant or a root canal. Either way, we will provide you with the best treatment available. You can feel confident that your smile will be healthy and look great!

This is a collection of Hung Vu’s before and after smiles. Uptown Dental would love to have the opportunity to add your smile to this collection.

Just click on a picture to enlarge it and see the full details.

Left – Dark Vital tooth to Direct Composite Resin Veneers

Middle – 8 Conservative Composite Veneers replacing 15 year old Composite Veneers.

Right – After Esthetic Bonded Bridges

Left – Baby tooth upper right removed

Middle – Before Esthetic Bonded Bridges

Right – Conservative Direct Resin Veener on Young Patient

Left – Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

Middle – Dark and worn teeth to Direct Composite Resin Veneers

Right – Crowded and mishapen teeth corrected using Direct Composite Resin Veneers.

Left – From deficient in size and contour to Direct Composite Resin Additions

Middle – Excess Tissue removed using the Laser and Whitening

Right – Oversized/Unesthetic crown (left central)Discolored Incisor (right central) to All Ceramic

Crown (left central) Direct Resin Veneer (right central)

Left – Restored discoloration with Direct Resin

Middle – Restored fracture with Direct Resin

Right – Spaces and Worn edges fixed with Conservative Minimal Prep Ceramic Veneers

Left – Tooth Whitening, Tissue and Enamel Reshaping, Conservative Direct Resin Veneers

Middle – Unesthetic Crowns & Translucent Laterals treated with Direct Resin Veneers & All Ceramic Crowns

Right – Various discoloration throughout to Direct Composite Resin Veneers

Left – Full Mouth rehabilitation with All-Ceramic Crowns and Ceramic Veneers

2nd Left – Severely worn and collapsed dentition

3rd Right – Excess tissue covering teeth and discolorations to Conserative Direct Resin Veneers

4th Right – Pins present and restorations visible to Invisible Direct Resin Restorations