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What Type Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Is Done At Uptown Dental?

Uptown Dental practices a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery with expertise ranging from corrective jaw surgery to removal of wisdom teeth. We perform bone grafting and dental implant procedures. We treat and diagnose TMJ disorders, facial injuries and facial pain.

Is It Common To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

If wisdom teeth (your third molars) are functional and healthy they can be useful. However, if they are causing pain, the surround gum is infected or swelling as they are fully or partially impacted before coming in or due to orthodontic treatment affecting other healthy teeth; they commonly have to be removed. Tumors and cysts often come as a result of impacted wisdom teeth.

remove wisdom teethWhen Should I Remove My Wisdom Tooth?

There is no single right answer for everybody; nonetheless, if Dr. Vu has found that your teeth look potentially troublesome it’s usually best to remove them faster as opposed to later on. The younger you are, the faster you will recover. The likeliness of the hanging on of tingling, jaw cracking or various other problems rises with age. Last but not least, the faster you get rid of a problem tooth, the less time it has to trigger additional problems in the future.

How Are They Removed?

First, local anesthetic is offered to make the treatment much more comfortable. Dr. Vu might choose laughing gas or use a general anesthetic to put you under entirely.

An oral tool called a lift is used to wiggle the tooth out of its outlet. After the tooth is released, it is removed using forceps.

What Are Some Of The Possible Difficulties In Removal?

There is a small chance of infection, tenderness, lengthened bleeding, and completely dry outlets, loosening of bordering teeth or their fillings or crowns.

An additional uncommon difficulty is that a top tooth obtaining displaced in to the sinus. Jaw fracture and long-term or short-lived numbness is additionally quite uncommon probabilities.