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What Is A Panoramic Digital X-Ray?

A panoramic x-ray takes digital images that provide an overview of both jaws. It shows missing teeth and sites of inflammation, especially in gingival pockets and at the tip of the root.

Is It Better Than An Intra Oral Film?

The Panoramic X-Ray gives a broad overview of the entire bony structure of the teeth and face.  It takes a much wider area than any intra oral film showing structures outside of their range.  It shows many pathological structures such as bony tumors and cysts as well as the position of the teeth coming in such as wisdom teeth. It has advantages of seeing the results instantly (no development in the darkroom needed) and with excellent quality. It can be saved, copied and sent on line for colleague opinions.

Can It Show More Than Cavities?

Yes, the Panorex X-Ray gives a two-dimensional picture of your entire mouth including not just your teeth, nasal sinuses, mandibular nerve (provides sensation to teeth and gums of lower jaw), upper and lower jaw, but also your jaw bone and joints (for diagnoses of temporomandibular joint disorder -TMJ/TMD). This helps find jaw trauma, jaw diseases and jaw fractures.

Instead of little pictures put together like a puzzles, you get the entire big view all in one big piece.It allows a view of tumors and cysts (could be malignant or benign) which helps detect oral cancers before physical symptoms.

How Do They Take The Picture?

You stand in the center of this huge machine with a lead apron on. In less than a minute, the camera starts on one side of your jaw and rotates around your head until it gets to the other jaw.

Does The Panorex Have Any Drawbacks?

Yes, it is not perfect. It is great for a look at your entire jaw to find jaw problems, but it may miss some cavities. Other X-Rays such as bite wings are needed to detect problems with just teeth.