We Use The Latest Cutting Edge Technologies To Deliver Excellent Care.

Uptown Dental Uses High-Tech Dental Technology.

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Uptown Dental is dedicated to offering the most current and best in dental modern technology.

Uptown Dental stands out in Albert Lea as they are always leading the technological revolution here.  We have invested in a number of tested ‘tools’ to help us picture your teeth more accurately and comprehensively, record problems previously, keep things cleaner, and educate you concerning your very own oral health and wellness our advances equate into better patient care. We are proud that our patients can now take pleasure in more reliable and comfortable dentistry than ever before!


Below you’ll find info on several of the advanced technologies that we make use of. Click on the buttons to view each page.


Laser Treatment

laser treatment

The Odyssey ® Diode Lasers is an efficient, mobile  soft-tissue laser device lets dentists finish routines faster and those they formerly would have to referred to specialists.


Intraoral Camera

intraoral camera

The intraoral video camera is an advanced analysis that permits you to see all the little things going on in your mouth in clear, high-resolution.


Invisalign Treatment

invisalign braces

Invisalign is the invisible way without braces to straighten teeth. Instead of permanent wires and metal, this system uses a 2 week gradual treatment plan series of custom-made removeable aligners.


In Office Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

One of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your self-confidence and improve your appearance is whitening your teeth. At UpownDental Arts we use two whitening systems.


6 Month Braces

6 month braces

Are spaced teeth awkward you? Are jagged teeth making you have low self esteem? Are you just not delighted with your smile?


Digital X-Rays

digital xrays

A panoramic x-ray takes digital images that provide an overview of both jaws. It shows missing teeth and sites of inflammation, especially in gingival pockets and at the tip of the root.


Cavitron Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

cavitron ultrasonic teeth cleaning

The basis of sound dental care is routine customized cleaning and maintenance. This also includes regular check-ups for gum disease, oral cancer, restoration evaluation and finding decay.