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What Makes Uptown Dental Special For Children?

We provide a friendly, non-threatening, enjoyable environment where children can develop many favorable memories. We are committed to providing each child with the exact same expert degree of treatment, care, and empathy that we would certainly wish for our very own kids.

Uptown Dental KIds ClubWhat Is The Cavity Free Club?

We teach your children the right way to look after their teeth own teeth. Their reward for a cavity free check-up is to get their picture taken and be placed on the wall in the cavity free club. When other children come in we have them stop at the pictures of the cavity free club and see if they can find any friends. We want them to discover that going to the dental professional can be fun and rewarding. Dr. Vu, and our entire staff love children and are specifically educated in how to make them feel safe and secure. Through both training and “real life” experiences our doctors know how children behave and make it a priority to make them feel comfortable and non-threatened.


Before Teeth Appear 

Your responsibility as a parent is to avoid dental problems early on, before teeth even come in. After each feeding gently wipe your baby’s gums with a warm wet wash cloth. Baby tooth decay otherwise known as nursing bottle decay is a serious condition that is caused from being bottle or breast fed too long. Under no conditions should a child ever be put to bed with a bottle or sippy cup. Gum disease is another problem as children ages 2 to 3 years old have a mild inflammation of gum tissues. Tooth degeneration is triggered by sugars left in their mouth that turn in to an acid that could break down their teeth.

After Teeth Appear

As your child’s teeth appear, make sure to examine them every 2 weeks, looking for lines and staining that could be caused by degeneration. Keep in mind that sweet foods and liquids could assault a new tooth, so take care that your child brushes their teeth after a feeding or eating. We advise brushing four times a day for optimum dental health: after morning meal, after lunch time, after supper, and at bedtime. Go to bed with a bottle or a sippy cup is a no-no!

child-brushingWhen Do Children Start Brushing?

Brushing can be fun, and your child needs to brush as quickly as the initial tooth shows up. When a baby’s tooth appears, moms and dads should brush the tooth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a pea-sized quantity of tooth paste. For kids younger than two, do not use fluoride toothpaste. experts. After you finish brushing their teeth let them try to imitate your brushing method by trying to do it for them self.

When Should Children Start Flossing?

Flossing is likewise a part of great dental health routines. Flossing sticks with picks on the end are great to follow up brushing with. After age 3 they can start to try to follow-up your flossing for them self. Do not leave them alone for flossing yet. If you notice indicators of decay, call us to exam it.

What Age Should They Start Visiting The Dentist?

Oral routines (such as thumb-sucking) should be inspected. The earlier the dental checkups start, the much better the chances of preventing issues. After the third birthday is an excellent time to start the first dental visit. Strong, healthy and balanced teeth assist your kid to chew food easily, talk clearly, and really feel good concerning his or her appearance.

How Do You Keep Children Cavity Free?

Tooth decay is caused by sweets left in your mouth that become an acid that sometimes break down your teeth. Kids that are at high risk for dental caries have not established good oral health habits. It is your responsibility as a parent to provide the proper nutrition for your child. We go over proper oral habits and nutrition when you bring your child in. Proper brushing and flossing routines combined with routine dental visits aid in keeping dental cavity away.

baby teeth chartWhy Are Primary Teeth Important?

Baby teeth are vital considering that they help with correct chewing and consuming, aid in speech advancement, and include in an appealing look. A child that can chew effortlessly, talk plainly, and grin with confidence is a happier youngster. Healthy and balanced primary teeth allow normal development of the jaw bones and muscular tissues, save room for the long-term teeth, and direct them into the right area.

If A Baby Tooth Is Lost Prematurely,  Will Permanent Teeth Come In Jagged?

Yes, it is important to guard baby teeth carefully. Corroded primary teeth can cause discomfort, abscesses, infections, and can spread to the irreversible teeth. Likewise, your child’s basic health can be impacted if impaired primary teeth aren’t managed. Bear in mind, some primary molars are not replaced until age ten to fourteen, so they must last for years.