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6 Month Smile – Cosmetic Braces System In Six Months

6 Month Smiles Dentist In Albert Lea, MN


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Did You Become A Grownup Without Correcting Your Teeth?

Are spaced teeth awkward you? Are jagged teeth making you have low self esteem? Are you just not delighted with your smile? Do you feel it is far too late to repair your smile or may be too expensive? Many adults are now deciding to get braces compared to before where once they became adults the hope for a beautiful smile was over. Perhaps you never had the opportunity as a child or maybe you had braces but your teeth slowly wandered back in time. Whatever the reason, there’s no question that your smile has a big effect on how others perceive you and the way you feel about yourself.

 Just What Is “6 Months Smiles” Or 6 Month Braces?

Are you older than 15? Do you just need necessary straightening and aligning, not a modification in your bite? If the answer is yes, than you can obtain the straight teeth you always dreamed with braces that can fit both your budget and time. The “6 Month Smiles” are clear braces that can work in about six months.

six months smile bracesHow Does This Work?

The system works swiftly to move the teeth into their correct places using clear braces that most people won’t also notice. These braces take very little time and require less appointments compared to conventional braces. There are no threats of root system damage as teeth are not drawn out. This brief procedure reduces time in braces white its forces enhance the safety, comfort and hygiene as compared to metal braces.

 Are They Cheaper Or More Expensive Than Metal Braces?

As compared to costly veneers, aligner treatment or the typical years needed for steel braces they are also cheaper. Your therapy will be over before you know it and no one will have time to notice since the procedure time is so brief and the braces are hardly noticeable. When it is all done, you will only have to wear on a retainer to preserve the position of your teeth.

 six month smile beforeHow Are “Six Month Smiles” Different Than Metal Braces?

“Six Month Smiles” focuses on correcting the front teeth and, unlike conventional braces, does not entail the back teeth, which permits a faster result in a much shorter time. The system uses gentle tension to move the teeth in to their right spots. In spite of the much shorter treatment time, the system is comfortable and does not harm the teeth, origins, or gums in any way.

What Conditions Can “Six Month Smiles” Correct?

Numerous common teeth issues can be repaired with “6 Month Smiles” such as:

• Crowded teeth.

• Largely spaced teeth.

• Overlapping teeth.

• Placing teeth in their correct place.

• Twisted teeth.


Do You Consistently Dream Of That Perfect Smile?

 If you consistently imagine smiling with assurance, now may be your chance. Set up a FREE assessment with Dr. Vu, the best Albert Lea dental experts to see if “6 Month Smiles” is right for you. A comprehensive evaluation to determine which teeth need to move and where they need to go is necessary before choosing which appliance to use. Dr. Vu will explain all of this to you at your first visit. Your brand-new smile could be simply 6 months away!